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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WTF with Russia?

Russia has banned transgender, and possibly gay and lesbian people, from driving.

It's ruled that people with what its government is calling "sex disorders" can no longer get licences, something it thinks will cut traffic accidents, though there is no explanation of how or why this might work.

The decree says people with "gender identity disorders, disorders of sexual preference and psychological and behavioural disorders associated with sexual development and orientation," can no longer drive.

Others who are to be banned are people shorter than 150cm, amputees pathological gamblers and compulsive thieves.
Chairwoman of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights Maria Bast has called the legislation a "flagrant violation of human rights made by the government involving itself in the private lives of its citizens".

The group will file a complaint with the Presidential Council on Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

Russia already bans 'gay propaganda' and has banned gay and single people in nations with marriage equality, such as New Zealand, from adopting Russian children.