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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I am, You are, We are Australia...

Cronulla Beach, December 2005

In the 2001 census, nearly a quarter of Australia's 20 million people said they were born overseas. The country has about 300,000 Muslims.
According to the Herald poll of 13 December 2005, THREE out of every four voters disagree with the Prime Minister's claim that there is no underlying racism in Australia. The results are in stark contrast to John Howard's statement following the Cronulla riots: "I do not accept there is underlying racism in this country."

The proportion of people who believe there is an undercurrent of racism was highest among minor party and independent voters (84 per cent) and Labor voters (76 per cent). However, more than two-thirds of Coalition voters - 68 per cent - also disagreed with Mr Howard.

The poll revealed 81 per cent backing for multiculturalism.


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